• Norsemen Klub USA: American Cancer Fundraising
    Norsemen Klub International, USA

  • August 7th - 9th, 2015
    Norsemen Klub USA - 6th Annual Converge, Dallas, TX

 Our  commitments as an organization, is to serve humanity and to bring about the moral awareness that lasting peace can thrive on, to ignite the flame bonding us as members of this organization, and to drive growth and development in our communities by actively partaking in volunteer services that will benefit our communities, supporting other non-profit organizations and causes, engaging in educational programs that will have a positive impact on our members, our organization, families, and our societies at large.

2015 Goals

·         Integrate New Leadership program for current and prospective leaders using external resources

·         Improve our public image and relations in our communities

·         Increase website awareness

·         Establish an active support system for members of our organization so they can be more fulfilled and effective in their communities.

·         Enhance the intensity and quality of the fraternal ties within our organization